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New primary phone
wrote Tomáš Dlouhý • published 28.07.2016 22:21 • displayed 1177 x • score -10
Three years ago I bought last primary phone. It was flagship of HTC, One with codename m7. This was absolute top phone, better than Samsung, better than iPhone. But it is past, the phone is get old, especially integrated battery is too old. Phone in normal day using (1h games, 2h internet, about 5 class with average length 5 minutes, push google services, company mail and facebook) was alive about 12h. So it come time to change?

 Because I bought flat, there were some limitations what to buy. And here come the candidate. Vodafone is releasing his own series phones (of cause this phones are rebranded China’s mobiles). Last year I bought as backup phone one of them Vodafone Smart 6 Prime (please read this post in czech language). This year Vodafone came with series 7. One of them, let say “flagship”, is comparatible with last year top phones. So I decided buy this phone. Its name is Vodafone Smart 7 Platinum. For me its was very expensive one czech crown. Standard price is about 10k crowns. So I am very satisfied with this phone. I have this phone second day so for review it is too short time, but in next month I plans write usual review on this web. Stay tuned.

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