StarWars VII: Is force awaken? •
StarWars VII: Is force awaken?
wrote Tomáš Dlouhý • published 23.12.2015 21:41 • displayed 882 x • score 1
I had lucky, because our company bought for employees one projection and offered us tickets to brand new episode of Star Wars. So I can say than I saw it. Whats my opinion? Is really force awaken?

 Yes she is! New episode has everything what you know from older StarWars. Yes as many peoples says all scenes you seen in episode IV. But this episode has new director. This is first episode which wasn't wrote and managed by George Lucas, original story was finished at episode III: The Sith Revenge and now its time to start it again. Of cause this episode is restart of this series. The next generation. New bad guys, new good guys. My opinion is this is good restart, if you loved old episodes this is encore and exploration if it can work now. And I think it can. Force will fully awaken in next episode. I can recommend this movie. 

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