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openSuse Leap 42.1
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Linux distro openSuse was recently released in new version and surprising new version numbering tagged as 42.1 which follows 13.2. Community has decided merge current openSuse with commersional version Suse Linux Enterprise (SLE) and add very high version. I watched this version since milestone phase and now it is time to try it in real system and upgrade my system from version 13.1.

First let’s have a look to my current version, as I wrote it was 13.1 so I skipped version 13.2 but only on main computer because when I got notebook in my job I installed 13.2 at it as well as to one computer to relatives, where was requested Chrome browser and stable and fast running system. Let’s return to my computer. Because of time is far now I decided upgrade my laptop to newest version especially due KDE5 which was rise to usable environment and openSuse succeed in tests in Virtual Box. Another reason for this install was that I planned some changes on my drive, because I used Windows as “game launcher” and TV. My favourite games such as StarCraft II or Diablo III running much better on emulated Windows throw wine than real Windows, there is last role for my Windows - TV launcher because Dell used TV card requires Windows Media Center and it means that when will come Windows 10 as forced update I will no need Windows. Until this, I stay on Win7. Back to linux. Very pretty was information about merge SLE and openSuse and this version is based on SLE12 sp1. Installation process as usually succeed, only small note I had DVD with full ISO image but packages was downloaded from Internet because Yast connected to network, but system was current after install process. It totally took 30 minutes.


After OS start and logon to it, I found new KDE5 desktop. I have to say new version of KDE surprised me with fluency, because I was used to very fast and fluent KDE4, but this new version is much better. Now system uses power savings and my laptop is very silent to comparison of old system, fans cooling GPU not need work fulltime now. When matching design with my old version (13.1) design is as well dark wallpaper and light colours. Let’s have a look to contained versions, linux kernel is included in version 4.1.1, KDE frameworks in 5.15 and LibreOffice 5.0 it’s means newest tested and verified versions due “overpainted” SLE.


System is really stable and I found only one problem when I asleep my computer and awake it again, NetworkManager is not able to reconnect to wired network because it can’t set IP address. Hope so they fix this thing soon, because I reported it to openSuse bugzilla. I remember with any older version of openSuse I had same problem but it was fixed soon. In other hand I am really satisfied with feels of new openSuse. Upper paragraph I wrote about games from Windows platform I decided test some games like Skyrim or Wolfenstein: New Order and they worked. I installed them from Steam for Windows and it is working great. Not so far I wrote here about my newest experience with btrfs because few years ago I fighted with big troubles when I used it. This new experience from business laptop was very good I tried it again in my current home laptop, and I have to say btrfs concluded to good file system.

Conclusion of this article (can’t call it review) about new version is combination of enterprise SLE and tested packages from openSuse Tumbleweed (rolling based distribution, newest packages as is possible) is very good. I can recommend this to all peoples needs really stable and fast system.  

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