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Fogged euro
wrote Tomáš Dlouhý • published 21.11.2015 00:17 • displayed 1035 x • score -2
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Less than six years I wrote here comment to vote campaign, many candidates promises early term to adopt the euro in the Czech Republic and this term was planned to year 2015 or 2016. Now, on turning of the years, where is Euro?

Truth is we still not have it, and there is no change to adopt it and politics are silent about this topic. I am still very big fan of euro, and a specially when central bank mades rubbish with crown, intentionally harms citizens by holding exchange rate 27czk per euro, I increasingly convinced that idea adopt euro is good. Only few exporters (true exporters) can profit this situation, but others companies still needs to by inputs and they use euro as currency. Many friends were skeptic to adopt, get stronger with crisis in Greece, Spain or Italy but now because central bank still not plan to stop holding exchange rate, changing theirs minds. Instead of cheap foreing vacations and shopping, here is still so expensive. It is time to ask who profits from it? Citizens not!


Post to remember: There will be elections for the euro?

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