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wrote Tomáš Dlouhý • published 27.01.2012 20:28 • displayed 293 x • score -1
This is my first post in english, but I think that good start. I am talking about new internation agreement against copying better know as ACTA. This web server will supports all types of protests agains it. Since now, until further notice, will be shown image in left top corner.

 Why is this agreement too worst? Do you like traviling? YES? Do you have together any device of those: notebook, mobile phone, tablet or camera? If yes did you know that border agency will be able check it due you not having unlicenced movie, mp3 etc after ACTA will enabled? Really is it in our interest? NO!

Have we any option against ACTA? YES we have. Write your member of EP, or sign any petition. Try this:

Czech protests

EP Petition


It's time to ACT!

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